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What Should I Look For in a Great Senior Portrait Photographer?

1. Experience

They say it takes 10,000 hours of experience for someone to master a craft, so be sure that your photographer has plenty of experience with senior portraits and not just a wedding photographer. Be sure to ask to see their portfolio and share some of their favorite shoots or sessions. Have they been professionally trained? Are they a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America)? PPA photographers abide by a strict code of ethics and have unique skills and training in the artistry and technology of creating beautiful images that will reflect your unique personality and talents.

2. Style

Every photographer has a different style, whether that is retro, edgy, or classic and clean… so which one appeals to you? Be sure to choose a photographer whose style you like by checking out their website and viewing their online galleries. You want to look for images that speak to you and that you can imagine yourself in.

3. In-person Consultation

If a photographer does not offer you an in-person consultation to get to know you and understand your needs ahead of time, you may not want to hire them. These meetings are super important because you want to know if it is going to be a good fit before you hire them. It is also important meeting your photographer ahead of time so that you will feel more relaxed and confident during your portrait session, as this will show in your pictures. This is also a time to ask lots of questions and discuss topics such as clothing, locations, props, products, and pricing.

4. Lots of Options

As you shop for the right senior photographer, be sure to look for someone who can offer you lots of options. Look at albums, collages, wall decor and everything in between. Discover what you like – informal, casual, fun and/or serious shots. A good photographer can advise you on what works, what doesn’t and explains why. They should only offer quality products because you want them to last a lifetime.

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