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The Sessions

Too often the preteen years are forgotten and this becomes a lost moment in the child’s lifetime story with few photos. Everyone photographs babies and toddlers but too often kids that are of the ages 10-15 are often neglected and thus lacking in confidence. Therefore I have taken on a mission to help tweens look and feel beautiful and have absolute confidence in themselves when they hit junior high. This is a very special session designed to showcase the often forgotten TWEEN – who they are & what they love!

Milestones In A Tween’s Life That Should Be Photographed

Age 10

Your child has finally hit the double digits and are now called a “teenager”. They are typically sassy at this age and just starting to express their individuality.

Age 13

At this age, they first become a legitimate teenager. A lot of changes are going on both physically and emotionally.

Age 16

“Sweet 16” session. At this age they are starting to drive and exhibiting more maturity.

Who I Am

The first part of this special session centers around “who you are” at this specific time in your life. The focus is on showcasing your personality and style. Now is the time to really showcase what you are all about and 2 of the 3 outfits will be used during this part of the session.

Outfit #1 should reflect the individual style of the tween so this is usually chosen by the tween and can be casual, funky, weird, or dressy – basically whatever the tween feels 100% comfortable with how they look and confident in who they are. This is their time to really show off!

Outfit #2 should reflect how the parents see their tween. This can also by similar to outfit #1 or might be a more dressy look. But it is important that the outfit represents how the parent views the teen at this stage.

Both of these outfits are critical to the ‘story’ of the tween and their experience.

What I Love

The final part of the session, and outfit #3, focuses on what they ‘love’ at that age. Tweens are constantly exploring new activities and interests as they grow, so it’s integral to their story that you include what they were passionate about at each milestone in their life.

Sometimes their interests will remain the same from year to year, showing a deeper passion and possibly an increase in skill and comprehension. Other times, their loves may change; either way it’s a part of their story that you need to tell.

What they ‘love’ can be anything at all that they are into at this age, such as sports, cheer, dance, music, art, fashion, travel, pets, video games, community service, volunteering, academics, writing… literally, anything. Be sure to include any uniforms, costumes, authentic props (i.e. balls, gloves, pets, art supplies, instruments, etc), outfits, accessories, or other items that are a part of their love.

Tween Session

  • $400 Order Credit
  • Outfits: Up to 3
  • Location: In Studio
  • Typical Duration: Up to 1 Hour
  • All prices subject to 10.0% sales tax


Once those sessions are booked we have to stop so that we can deliver the best experience possible to each and every one of our clients. Due to the limited number of tweens we can accept, we require SESSION PAYMENT IN FULL TO GUARANTEE A SPOT. Don’t miss out.

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